Many Thanks from ISCA

How do we support rural Haitian families in a sustainable way? That’s the question that has occupied interns, volunteers, and board members of ISCA for the past year as we continued to expand our work in Terrier Rouge. Thanks to your support, here are a few of our successes this year:

Hurricane Relief Update

In total, ISCA raised $2,900 USD to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew in October. These funds were used to supply 200 people with rice, beans, and cooking oil. As ISCA moves forward, we are looking at other ways to help these families, such as providing basic building materials to repair their homes.

Agro Shop Update

The Agro shop, which sells agricultural products that local families can use, held its grand opening in November. The shop has connected with the Jamaican-Haitian company Hi-Pro, which gives discounted rates for products. So far, the shop has already sold approximately 500 baby chicks. Profits from the shop will be reinvested in the families participating in our main poultry production product, who have formed their own cooperative.

Jam Project Update

The jam manufacturing project has generated a lot of interest, with 11 women participants making three different varieties of jam. The women have already received a large order from a local South Korean group. ISCA is hoping to find ways to help the women expand their manufacturing space and upgrade their equipment so they can continue to meet demand. Although jam is not part of a traditional Haitian diet, there is clearly an opportunity to build skills and create a product that can be sold in local stores or even exported.

Thank you for your support! Your commitment will help us build on our successes of the past year, and will mean even greater agricultural achievements to come in Haiti.

Participants weighing mangoes at the jam production facility.