Appeal to Assist Haitian Families

Good morning.

As we give thanks this Thanksgiving Day weekend, we ask you to also think about Haiti and the situation following the devastation caused by Hurricane Mathew.

First, I would like to update you on the situation: Our main project area is in a small town called Terrier Rouge in the North East part of the country. This area was largely unaffected by the hurricane. Our Haitian partner, Chalice, has a project site in Jeremie, the hardest hit area of Haiti. Little is still known as to the extent of the damage, but we have heard all the local Chalice staff in Jeremie are safe. However, our long time field worker and friend Theodore lives in Leogane, which is in the South West part of Haiti and hit hard by the hurricane. I would like to tell you a bit about the situation he finds himself.

As many of our volunteers and interns that have met Theodore would tell you, he is a very kind and passionate person, particularly when it comes to helping his fellow Haitians. Most of Leogane was flooded and many homes were either damaged or destroyed. Theodore has a large warehouse constructed on concrete in the centre of town that was fortunately not damaged. He has taken in about 26 local Haitians who have been living there since the hurricane. Most of them are unable to return home due either completely losing their home or the roofs have been lost. There is little food or water available and the living conditions are very difficult. Our interns commented that he sounds very tired and is becoming quite exhausted.

This is where we need your help! As an organization we do not have the capacity to deliver aid at a large scale level. We realize that we while cannot help every Haitian, we can help these families in Leogane that have come under Theodore’s care. Our intern in Haiti spoke with Theodore today and what is immediately needed is food, particularly rice and beans. After this the priorities are soap, Clorox tablets and corrugated metal for their roofs so they can return home.

We would ask you to consider on the Thanksgiving Day weekend to make a small contribution to assist Theodore to support these community members. ISCA and our interns in Haiti would assist Theodore in purchasing rice and beans in Port au Prince and deliver them to Leogane. If possible, we will also be looking at providing soap and Clorox tablets to prevent cholera and finally possibly some corrugated metal roofing to return these community members to their homes.

To make a donation to assist these families, go to 100% of all donations go directly to Haiti where it is needed!

Thank you,

Lloyd Dalziel, Chair, ISCA,